Bluetooth 4.0 Smart positioning anti-loss device Mobile pet wallet key chain smart finder

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Product Overview


[Product Characteristics Description]



1. Anti-loss of valuables; when the mobile phone and anti-loss device exceed the default effective distance; two-way automatic alarm; find the owner; prevent loss (for the elderly; children; pets; etc.)


2. Two-way search. Did you forget your cell phone? Double click the anti-loss device; mobile phone alarm; wallet forgot what? Press call in the mobile APP; anti-loss device alarm; and follow the voice retrieve.



3. Remote control selfie; easy control of mobile phone remote photos (up to 10 meters)


4. Location tracking; you can view the current position of the object on the mobile phone; and you can view the last stop position after disconnecting the specification


5. Multi-task management: One mobile phone can manage six anti-loss devices at the same time.





[Product parameters]


1. Communication protocol: Bluetooth V4.0+EDR


2. Working distance: accessible within 25


3. APP software: Android can be downloaded from Baidu Assistant; and Apple can be downloaded from Apps; such as the store


4. Battery efficiency: CR2032 button battery. APP voice: Support English; Chinese; French; and Spanish 6 languages. Compatible system :(apple OS7.0 or above /android 4.4 or above and Bluetooth 4.0)[Compatible devices]apple and android.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review